Start your Future!!!

It's Personal

It's a command

It's a movement

How to build anything worthwhile from the ground up...

The secrets of a strong conviction is building on a solid foundation.
Creating an enduring establishments in any area of your life.
Most people are only repeating a circle, they are far from Starting a definite future.

What do you need to start?


About The Book

If you desire to build a better future, live a life of impact and have influence in the marketplace, then reading this book is not an option.
Many people talk about how great it is to have a better and secured future, but very few are honest about how difficult it can be.
START YOUR FUTURE is a real gem for anyone who would like to know the secret of starting anything from nothing to a world class life and business. It stimulates, motivates, energies, and strengthens any dreamer who wants to take a bold step into their future greatness and leave their footprint in the sands of time.
Misal has provided a timely resource that can help anyone from any part of the world to win in life and in the marketplace, this formula has been tested and proven.
What makes you afraid of starting?
What can you do to overcome such resistance?
What must you do to start-up your business on a sure ground and leave a legacy behind?
Start Your Future answers all this questions.
You will learn how to attract credible financial investment for your startup, how to inject your ideas and innovation into the marketplace, and the basic building blocks of every successful organization.
Do you want to lead a life full of adventure, meaning, and purpose while earning a good living? START YOUR FUTURE is for you.
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About the Author

A. M. Misal is a connector, known for his passion to connect people with relevant resources and platforms that inspire personal growth and national prosperity.
A student and teacher of successful start-ups and enduring establishments that are built on individual and corporate purpose, Misal has interviewed some of the finest minds across various spheres of influence in Nigeria some of which are published in WEx Post and as Success Reviews.
Misal is a certified leadership and goal-setting expert. He is the CEO and Founder of Well of Excellence Global and the lead consultant at A. M. Misal consults. He studies pharmacy in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Nigeria.